Decodable Readers & Levelled Readers

As mentioned in an earlier post, kids in the beginning stages of reading, as well as older readers experiencing difficulty, benefit from decodable texts. These are books or passages that use almost only sounds and letters that have already been learned. Children rely on sounding out, or decoding, the words. There are usually pictures, butContinue reading “Decodable Readers & Levelled Readers”

How do we teach reading?

So how do we teach kids to read?  Ideally, it goes something like this: Talk a lot with children, read to them, from the time they are babies.  Expand their world knowledge, enrich their vocabulary and sentence structures.  When children learn to read, it’s easier to make sense of things they already know something about. Continue reading “How do we teach reading?”

Sounds and letters and words and sentences

Do you know what I love?  Seeing my 6-year-old and 4-year-old with books in their laps, sitting on the floor, legs sticking straight out, flipping through the pages.  Reading is an extraordinary process, and seeing my two little monkeys in the budding stages of reading development is really nifty.  They’re far from being proficient readersContinue reading “Sounds and letters and words and sentences”